Sun burns and Bed bugs- the Valencia finale

Day three in Valencia dawned a dawn full of promise. We would rent bikes, we would sun screen up and we would go to the beach. Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances AKA: bed bugs the beach had thus far eluded us, but no more messing around! Today we would reach the promised destination come rain or shine. Admittedly though I would prefer the latter. We found a really great deal at The Easy Way bike rental and paid only €9 each for a 24 hour rental period that came with the bike, a basket, a lock, and safety lights for riding at night. Valencia has a beautiful park in the old river bed that runs through the city which offers a car free route to the sea. So, coffeed up and ready to go, we hopped on our sweet rides and pedaled our way to the coast through the scenic park. I must say we felt pretty liberated to be off our feet and speeding through the city on a pair of wheels!IMG_9362IMG_9355

Warning: You may want to put on sunglasses for the image you are about to see contains a sun deprived Canadian in all her pasty whiteness.IMG_9342This is the moment I had been waiting for, this right here. And as always, totally worth it. A few hours soaking up the sun and some splashing around in the water made for a very happy day, but knowing that we had received next to no sun in the infamously grey Vancouver winter, we reluctantly packed up our things after a few short hours and headed back to town. Earlier, when we had rode to the beach, we passed by the Valencia science center. A strikingly modern structure featuring not only an exhibit on Nicola Tesla that was absolutely calling our name, but also bright blue pools and what can only be described as a hamster ball on water that I absolutely had to do. I tried to ignore how ridiculous I felt as I joined the line up of children waiting to test their balancing skills, paid my €5 and climbed in. IMG_9413IMG_9418IMG_9420

This is way harder than it looks. As in, it’s incredibly hard! I spent most of my time falling down and trying to stand or chasing the kids who kept trying to slam their hamster ball into mine. I didn’t succeed in catching any of them (they’re surprisingly fast) and I have no regrets whatsoever. Well, except that as it turns out despite the application of sunscreen and limiting exposure to the sun I was as red as red could be. Which is exactly what I didn’t want…oh well, better red now than in Ibiza later.

IMG_9443 IMG_9440

That evening, nursing our bug bites and sunburns, Bev and I treated ourselves to a scrumptious tapas style dinner. A serve yourself feast of bite three bite goodies billed by the amount of toothpicks you amass. With nothing labelled, it’s a bit consume at your own risk. For example, I happily stuck a spoonful of this fresh green goodness in my mouth expecting a green smoothie like concoction only to discover my worst enemy- pea gazpacho soup. Pea anything, really. Luckily, everything else was delicious and the experience was saved!

With the beach and bedbugs behind us we turned our focus on the upcoming Ibiza! It was time to meet with friends and dedicate ourselves to some good times in the world famous party destination. We had thought we were so clever making our way down to the coast thinking we could ferry over to Ibiza from Valencia only to be thwarted by a ferry ride that is 6 hours long and extremely expensive! We talked to some locals to learn that it’s actually really boring and is mainly designed for those who want to bring their cars to the island. Instead we booked a flight for €80 and gladly hopped on the 45 minute long plane ride. We even ended up in the emergency exit row with so much leg room, we could touch the seats in front of us without having to bend our knees. I almost felt guilty.


But…not that guilty. So long Valencia!


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